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Can stress damage your immune system?

10.22.2020 | Health & Wellness

As much as 90% of illness and disease is linked to stress! Read now to learn exactly how stress and your immune system interact once inside the body.


Sleep Series: Why is sleep so important for your health?

10.09.2020 | Health & Wellness

Getting enough (quality) sleep each night is extremely important for your overall physical and mental health. Why? Read to learn the health benefits of sleep now!


How to transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary

09.18.2020 | Health & Wellness

Your home should be where you feel the most peaceful and secure. Try these simple ideas for how to transform your home into a sanctuary today!


How positive emotions build better health

09.08.2020 | Health & Wellness

Could there be truth behind “think happy, be happy”? Research suggests so! Read now to learn more about how positive emotions benefit your physical health.


5 foods to avoid if you have joint pain

08.21.2020 | Health & Wellness

Did you know? Your diet can have a major impact on your joint pain. Learn the top 5 foods to avoid if you have joint pain—and what to eat instead.


5 simple ways to boost your immunity

08.05.2020 | Health & Wellness

Your immune system plays a vital role in your body’s defense against illnesses. Learn these simple ways to boost your immunity to increase your immune health today.


How Satisform can equip you with the best physical therapy training

07.23.2020 | The Natural Quanta Experience

Available exclusively at Natural Quanta, Satisform is internationally recognized to aid physical rehabilitation. Learn how it can help you as part of a complete wellness program.


5 proven ways to reduce stress and think more clearly

07.08.2020 | Health & Wellness

Stress can have a negative effect on both your mind and your body. When your worries get out of control, try these simple, proven ways to reduce stress.


How BrainTap gives your brain the best workout

06.23.2020 | The Natural Quanta Experience

BrainTap is an innovative science-based technology that goes further than meditation to improve your mental health. Learn more now!


5 simple healthy eating tips that are easy to follow

06.02.2020 | Health & Wellness

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a challenge! Incorporate these simple healthy eating tips into your routine and you’ll improve your overall health and wellness.