How Satisform can equip you with the best physical therapy training

Posted on 07.23.2020 |

Learn more about the dynamic uses for this innovative wellness equipment

Maintaining your physical health can often be a challenge, especially for people with ailments of the back and lower limbs. Oftentimes, weight-bearing exercises such as running can prove to be more detrimental than beneficial.  

It’s important to find a solution that can offer you the best physical rehabilitation so that you can tend to these issues while maintaining a regular exercise routine.

That’s why at Natural Quanta we use Satisform—a suite of relaxation, strengthening, and stretching equipment used for the rehabilitation of the back and lower limbs. We’re proud to have U.S. license exclusivity for Satisform.

Continue reading to learn more about this innovative equipment, developed by health experts in France, and how it can be used as part of your effective wellness plan. 

What is Satisform? 

The Satisform suite of equipment was made for physical therapists and rehabilitation centers seeking to provide their patients with rapid, effective care to treat back issues and more.

The Satisform technology is based on medical research and inspired by manual therapy and relaxation techniques to work on the osteoarticular and neuromuscular system.

What does Satisform do for your body?

Each piece of Satisform equipment focuses on a different part of the body to give the most specific and effective assistance possible.

Satisform helps with preventative care and physical recovery in:

  • High level sports
  • Physical rehabilitation and therapy
  • Quality of life at work, and 
  • General wellness to reduce pain and soreness. 

How is Satisform used at Natural Quanta Wellness Center? 

At Natural Quanta Wellness Center, we have license exclusivity in the U.S. for the full suite of the Satisform rehabilitation equipment, including: 

Satisform MOBIDOS at Natural Quanta Wellness Center

The MOBIDOS ® is an efficient physical therapy device that can be used to help you safely improve your pelvic and spinal mobility. It works by making you aware of your posture, especially your spinal curvatures, which is often the central issue of many muscular ailments. 

MOBIDOS ® can help with:

  • Low back pain
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica, and
  • Balance and walking disorders. 
Satisform DOABDO at Natural Quanta Wellness Center

The DOABDO ® is used to help relieve a variety of spinal issues by strengthening your deep and peripheral back muscles and abdominal belt. It also works to improve your posture by re-teaching you the right way to bend down while maintaining a healthy spinal curvature.

Satisform QUADRISCHIO at Natural Quanta Wellness Center

The QUADRISCHIO ® works to improve muscle elasticity between the anterior and posterior chains by simultaneously stretching the quadriceps, psoas, and hamstrings. 

QUADRISCHIO ® can help with:

  • Low back pain 
  • Pelvic and lower limb issues 
  • Coarthrosis, and
  • Issues for high level athletes.
Satisform ZENDOS at Natural Quanta Wellness Center

The ZENDOS ® is a passive piece of equipment that can help with a wide variety of issues by softening and deeply relaxing the back muscles. It is commonly used to deeply relax back pain at the beginning or end of a physical therapy session. 

ZENDOS ® can help with:

  • Acute back pain
  • Chronic back pain. 

Interested in trying Satisform? 

If you’ve been searching for a better way to stay proactive with or recover from physical pain and soreness, we could offer the perfect solution for you. 

If you’re ready to try Satisform, visit us at Natural Quanta Wellness Center! We offer the full suite of Satisform equipment and our health coaches are ready to help you build the most effective wellness plan possible.

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