Learn everything you need to know about the Natural Quanta team, our wellness center, and how we’re committed to helping reach your goals.


  • Improved physical performance
  • Increased mental concentration & focus
  • Better overall health
  • Stress management
  • Consistent better sleep
  • Mind body balance
  • More physical balance
  • And more.

Your non-invasive wellness assessment includes:

  • Quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system
  • “Gold Standard” force plate technology for accurate and reliable balance testing
  • Brainwave assessment to measure brain function and physical response
  • Cardio-metabolic assessment to accurately measure energy expenditure

what to

Our spacious, open concept wellness studio is designed with your comfort in mind, with a suite of trusted, science-based wellness programs and technologies to help you see optimal results in a short period of time.

Your health

First, you’ll visit us for your non-invasive 50 minute wellness assessment. You’ll receive your results immediately, in a simple-to-understand format that shows at a glance where any areas for concern may lie.

A plan of action

Then, you and your trained health coach will work together to create a customized program that’s focused on you and your personal health goals. You’ll train in small groups guided by your health coach or certified trainer.


You’ll receive continuous support, motivation and guidance on every step of your health journey. After 30 days, you’ll have another wellness assessment where you can already see the improvements you’ve made!

Health Technology

We’re proud to offer a suite of trusted, science-based wellness devices designed to help you reach your complete body health goals.

  • Satisform (license exclusivity in the U.S.)
  • BrainTap
  • NerveExpress
  • BTrackS
  • Photobiomodulation
  • NeoRhythm


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Our mission is to give you the tools and support you need to analyze and optimize your health, both inside and out, so you can reach mind / body balance.

Your health team

Everyone at Natural Quanta Wellness Center is committed to guiding you to live a long, healthy, fulfilling life. We look forward to helping you reach your personal health goals!


  • Dr. Afonso Shiguemi Inoue Salgado PT, MHSc, PHD Science Officer
  • Sergio Silva CEO
  • Cristiane de Souza Physical Therapist
  • Eber Fontes PT Tech | Personal Trainer | Sport Nutrition Specialist