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Why you should eat less meat to improve your health (and how to do it)

12.30.2020 | Health & Wellness

Plant-based diets offer many health benefits and are easily achievable. Read now to learn more about how you can eat less meat to improve your health!


What is photobiomodulation?

11.25.2020 | Health & Wellness

Photobiomodulation is a non-invasive therapy that uses the healing powers of light to generate cell repair. Read now to learn about the process and its many benefits!


6 benefits of physical therapy for athletes

11.12.2020 | Health & Wellness

Physical therapy is important for athletes looking to improve their performance and prevent injury. Read now to learn the 6 benefits of physical therapy for athletes!


Can stress damage your immune system?

10.22.2020 | Health & Wellness

As much as 90% of illness and disease is linked to stress! Read now to learn exactly how stress and your immune system interact once inside the body.


Sleep Series: Why is sleep so important for your health?

10.09.2020 | Health & Wellness

Getting enough (quality) sleep each night is extremely important for your overall physical and mental health. Why? Read to learn the health benefits of sleep now!


How to transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary

09.18.2020 | Health & Wellness

Your home should be where you feel the most peaceful and secure. Try these simple ideas for how to transform your home into a sanctuary today!