Should physical therapy be used to prevent injuries?

Posted on 02.25.2021 |

Learn the benefits of physical therapy as a regular part of your wellness routine

Physical therapy is usually considered as treatment for people recovering from injuries, but did you know it can actually help prevent injuries too?

Most patients seek physical therapy after a problem arises or after they’re injured, but there’s many benefits of physical therapy as a regular part of your wellness routine for injury prevention.

Continue reading to learn how physical therapy can help prevent injuries.

Prepare for surgery 

The benefits of physical therapy can be seen in patients both before and after undergoing surgery, such as knee and hip replacements. Patients that go through pre-op physical therapy often have faster recovery times and are less likely to require inpatient physical therapy after surgery. 

Improve balance 

One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to improve your balance. Physical therapists work with you to identify body imbalances and use strengthening exercises designed to improve your core strength which improves your balance. Greater balance leads to less falls and in turn, less injuries! 

Helps to improve posture

You’re likely using your phone, tablet, and computer for hours a day, whether for work, school, or personal life. This can cause your posture to weaken and become incorrect overtime. Physical therapists can help you find proper posture again and help you implement it into your day to day life.

Improve athletic performance 

Another one of the great benefits of physical therapy is that it can help build strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility—all of which improve your athletic performance! A physical therapy plan specific for athletes can help in preventing sports injuries. Physical therapists can create an individualized plan with warm-up exercises and training on following the proper techniques to help you improve your game.


6 benefits of physical therapy for athletes

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