6 benefits of physical therapy for athletes

Posted on 11.12.2020 |

Physical therapy can help you avoid injury, treat pain, increase strength, and more

When you think of physical therapy, what springs to mind? For most of us, the notion conjures up images of patients recovering from surgery or aging loved ones looking to regain diminishing strength. What many don’t realize is that physical therapy can actually help a broad range of people—including athletes.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply someone who enjoys regularly exercising to stay in shape, physical therapy can offer a wide range of benefits.

Continue reading to learn about the 6 benefits of physical therapy for athletes and how our team of trained physical therapists can provide you with the best physical therapy possible. 


#1: Preventing athletic injury

While most athletes only find themselves visiting a physical therapist after a crisis, physical therapists are extremely effective in helping you avoid injury through preventative care and proper training techniques.

A sports physiotherapist works to assess your strengths and weaknesses and design a program that trains you how to follow proper technique, maintain balance, improve strength, and increase overall fitness in your sport. The preventative nature of a physical therapy program reduces the chance of muscle strain, stress, cramps, and torn ligaments. 


#2: Treating pain from athletic injury and surgery

Although prevention is the goal, accidents happen. As a result, many athletes often find themselves in need of support after an injury before they can get back in the game.

Physical therapy can effectively treat injuries to various parts of the body, including:

  • Neck and spine
  • Hand
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder, and
  • Ankle/foot. 

Physical therapists create treatment plans for their patients that provide an efficient recovery at a lower cost than most surgeries. Studies have shown that using physical therapy for athletes as the primary treatment of an injury resulted in 72% fewer costs to the patient in the first year of treatment. [1]

Surgical prevention is the primary objective of physical therapy for athletes after an injury. However, if you do find yourself in need of surgery, physical therapists are vital in helping you recover as quickly and safely as possible after the procedure. 


“I could not speak more highly of this clinic. Great Place!!! These guys know what they are doing and go the extra mile, in a friendly relaxed environment. They’re treating my injury with the proper sense of urgency and compassion it warranted. Very sensitive to my needs and accommodated my requests happily.”

~ Roberto Santasofia ~ Volleyball Coach and Former Professional Volleyball Player (review left for Natural Quanta on Google)


#3: Relaxing the mind and body after exercise

It’s equally as important for athletes to complete a proper cool-down after practicing or competing as it is for them to warm-up. The good news is that physical therapy is one of the best cool-down methods available. 

Working with a physical therapist after an athletic training session allows you to relax your muscles, regain energy, and reduce stress to have an overall healthier body to compete in your sport.  


#4: Increasing physical strength

The majority of athletes are always searching for ways to maintain and increase their strength. Physical therapy for athletes can help strengthen ligaments, muscles, and joints which improves overall physical strength in the body. 

Enhanced physical strength allows you to endure high physical stress during games or matches. It’s especially beneficial for sports requiring high physicality such as boxing. 


#5: Improving joint and muscle flexibility

Most sports require some level of flexibility for you to perform as well as possible.

The exercises in a physical therapist’s treatment plan often focus on improving joint and muscle flexibility, especially for athletes who require tremendous flexibility such as gymnasts and swimmers.  


“Great professionals. I’ve felt a great improvement since I have started the treatment.”

Jaime Oncins ~ Tennis Coach and Former Professional Tennis Player (Pictured on the header of the article. Review left for Natural Quanta on Google)


#6: Enhancing cardiopulmonary fitness 

When designing a treatment plan for athletes, physical therapists often incorporate cardio workouts into the routine. 

The goal of the cardio workout is to improve endurance and breathing patterns, which can help you improve your overall health and athletic performance. 


In conclusion

The benefits of physical therapy for athletes include mental benefits such as stress reduction and a multitude of physical benefits like pain treatment and increased physical strength. Physical therapy as preventative care and post-injury treatment is extremely important for athletes who are looking to maintain and improve their performance on the field. 


How you can benefit from physical therapy at Natural Quanta

With a whole body health approach, our team at Natural Quanta offers physical therapy with innovative Satisform rehabilitation equipment in addition to other alternative and traditional methods. This way, you get the most effective physical therapy for athletes possible.

Before you begin, you’ll take our Mind Body Balance assessment. This is used as the foundation to build your tailored physical therapy program that caters to your individual weaknesses, areas of pain, and the physical demands of your sport.

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