How to transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary

Posted on 09.18.2020 |

These 6 simple ideas will help make your home your favorite place

Home is where the heart is. And it’s also where a record number of us have spent most of 2020.

During the week of peak coronavirus-mandated lockdown in April, U.S. residents spent 93% of their time at home compared to the early March averages of 70%.[1]

With so much time spent at home, you should consider transforming your home into the most relaxing place possible for you. Your home should be a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and happy. It should be your sanctuary—now more than ever. 

To help you, here are 6 simple tips on how to transform your home into a sanctuary. You’ll find everything from small tweaks to more drastic changes. Keep reading to learn more! 

#1: Maintain clean air inside your home 

Pollution is often a topic of concern for outdoor air quality in large metropolitan cities. But what you may not know is that the air inside your home is actually 2 to 5 times more toxic than the air you breathe outdoors![2] 

That’s why it’s important to (literally) clear the air in your home on a regular basis. One of the most effective ways to clear the air is to open a window or door to release built up toxins and allow fresh air inside.

Aside from ventilating with outdoor air, filtration is an effective way to improve air quality inside your home. Upgrading and regularly replacing the filters in your air conditioning system can reduce indoor air pollution.

You should also consider purchasing an air or water purifier to clear out some of the natural toxins in a specific room or area of your home. Adding house plants and flowers is another effective and visually appealing way to clean and oxygenate indoor air. 

#2: Indulge in a quality mattress and linens

One of the easiest self-care tasks you can do to maintain your mental and physical health is to get plenty of quality sleep each night.

Replacing your worn-out mattress and upgrading your sheets is a simple way to transform your home into a sanctuary, by creating a better environment for you to get the best sleep possible. 

When searching for sheets, remember: 

  • The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets 
  • Choose sheets in white, neutral, or pastel colors to induce a sense of calmness while drifting off to sleep
  • Trade worn-out pillows for new ones, and add extras for a more luxurious feel.    

#3: Create a designated space for relaxation and meditation

It’s important to create separate spaces in your home for work and relaxation. Whether you use a whole room or just find a quiet corner, it’s beneficial to designate a space to meditate, think, or pray each day to evoke feelings of positivity and security. 

Try decorating and filling the space with items that bring you joy and peace. Candles, essential oils, crystals, and books on health and wellbeing can all contribute to a space optimized for relaxation. 

#4: Capitalize on natural light 

Aside from saving energy, allowing more natural light into your home has plenty of health benefits: from boosting vitamin D to improving sleep.[3]

A few simple ways to get more natural light: 

  • Adding mirrors to help the light bounce around the room,
  • Removing heavy black-out curtains, and 
  • Decorating with brighter, more reflective colors. 

Weather permitting, you can even open your doors or windows when you wake up in the morning and when you’re done with work at the end of the day to allow the natural flow of air and light to refresh your home. Bonus: this also helps you achieve Tip #1! 

#5: Declutter regularly 

Unless you’re diligent about tidying up, clutter often has a way of getting out of hand. Clutter is distracting and instills a sense of chaos, so it’s important to keep it to a minimum when transforming your home into a sanctuary. 

Get into the habit of intentionally decluttering your home once a month or as much as needed. Donate or dispose of unwanted and unused items to provide yourself with more space—both physically and mentally. 

#6: Be intentional with color

It’s been proven that color has a profound impact on your mood. Choosing the right colors for your home sanctuary is key—whether it’s furniture, paint, or bed linens. 

Bright colors energize, so when creating a sanctuary choose colors that promote relaxation like shades of green, blue, grey, or white.

In conclusion

With the dramatic increase in time spent at home this year, it’s worth the investment and time to turn your home into the peaceful sanctuary you deserve.

These 6 tips to transform your home into a sanctuary can dramatically improve your mental health if you’re feeling stuck or unsettled. If you can’t make the bigger changes on this list, try some of the simpler ideas like allowing fresh air into your home or designating a space for quiet time. You’ll soon notice the difference! 

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